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Joint cooperation between RILA and CRT for tackling diesel emission

editor | 05 Octubre del 2009

With the objective of tackling diesel emissions in and around ocean cargo gateways on coasts in the U.S. through establishing cleaner trucking, the Retail Industry Leaders Association (RILA) and Coalition for Responsible Transportation (CRT) are working together to rapidly achieve the goals set by port authorities across the country.

The CRT has been putting significant effort into developing and implementing the industry-supported clean truck programme across the U.S., including the ports of Oakland, Seattle, Tacoma and New York/New Jersey. Director of import transportation for Target Corporation and president of CRT, Gabrielson said, “the partnership is expected to expand upon the CRT’s accomplishments and leverage the market power of the shippers in the US to make further reductions”.

In a move to keep the smooth flow of traffic at the same time as reducing port truck pollution, CRT in Southern California introduced 2000 clean trucks a year even before port authorities set the target and deadline. The authorities confirmed that the success of the programme was largely to a public- private partnership which worked best when port officials set clear goals and deadlines. Kelly Kolb, vice president of RILA’s global supply chain policy, has expressed similar views and said that private–public partnership worked out well in implementing the goals set by port authorities.


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