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Palletforce has started UK’s single palletized distribution hub

editor | 04 Octubre del 2009

With the expectation of creating a centre for the overnight delivery of goods across the UK and Europe, the UK-based Palletforce has started its GBP30m distribution hub, UK’s single palletized distribution hub with an area of 35,000 square metre, in Burton-on-Trent. The company has been in the palletized freight distribution business within the UK and Europe for the last eight years.

The growth graph of the member-owned Palletforce began in 2001, when it began operating from an old aircraft hangar. The company gradually succeeded in establishing strong networks consisting of around 86 haulage companies, over all Europe.

According to available data, at present the hub handles around 8,000 pallets each night. The central hub has 100 depots around the country and uses innovative distribution methods and technologies.


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