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The Port of Long Beach may complete BCT Programme before schedule

editor | 05 Octubre del 2009

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Already achieving 80% of its objectives, the Port of Long Beach Clean Trucks Programme is moving ahead and likely to be completed two years ahead of schedule. The programme was started a year ago with the aim of dramatically reducing air pollution from trucks that transport cargo in the terminals. The cornerstone of the programme is the complete withdrawal of old, polluting trucks to meet federal emission standards passed in 2007.

Long Beach Mayor Bob Foster expressed his satisfaction over the Clean Trucks Programme, saying credit for its rapid implementation is due especially to the trucking industry in the port and importers and exporters. At present nearly 5,000 trucks with federal emissions standards or better are handling cargo at the Port. “In a few months, we’ll see nearly all the truck-hauled containers moved by clean trucks,” said Richard D. Steinke, Port of Long Beach Executive Director. “The trucking industry is to be commended for turning over its truck fleet so rapidly.”


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